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Summary in English, for not (yet) Swedish speaking friends.

Kraftverk is "Power plant" in modern Swedish language, (Werk) is an older Germanic spelling of workshop, factory, mill, site, etc. 

This site is in Swedish, because it mainly targets an audience that either have or plan to invest in their own solar power plant and want to do this in the best manner, under Swedish regulations and market conditions.
KraftWerk Nordhamnen consists of two Solar Power Plants.

KraftWerk Nordhamnen #1 :
Oriented in South-Vest (135 degrees) and 38 degrees roof slope/pitch
Installed Capacity 9,360 kWp (36, 260Wp PV-panels).

KraftWerk Nordhamnen #2:
Oriented in South - East (225 degrees) and 27 degrees roof slope/pitch
Installed Capacity 13,20 kWp (48, 275Wp PV-panels).

Energy storage facilities.

Storage of electrical energy.
Installed battery capacity : 23,2 kWh (4 * 5,8 kWh).

Thermal energy storage.

Electric Vehicle charging station of maximum 22 kW.
Find Charging site "KraftWerk Nordhamnen" and other, here >

If you like to comment or ask questions on some topic on this site, it is completely feasible to do this in English and get a reply in English.

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